Becker Friedman Institute
for Research in Economics
The University of Chicago

Research. Insights. Impact. Advancing the Legacy of Chicago Economics.


University of Chicago faculty members and other accomplished economists set the goals and direction of the Institute.

Lars Peter Hansen, David Rockefeller Distinguished Service Professor of Economics and Statistics, is director and co-chair of the institute. 

Kevin Murphy, George J. Stigler Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, is co-chair of the institute. He focuses on the institute’s outward-facing activities, including public outreach programs and development.

On July 1, Michael Greenstone, the Milton Friedman Professor of Economics, will become director of the institute.

Advising the co-chairs is the Institute Research Council, which includes selected University of Chicago faculty and other leading scholars.

The Becker Friedman Institute Council, a group of alumni and business leaders, provides strategic advice and help raise awareness and support for research and activities.