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202.492.8269 Karen Anderson Senior Director of Policy, Communications, and External Affairs
773.702.4196 Rosalind Battle Office Assistant, Price Theory Initiative
773.702.2275 Tamica Blair Visitor Program Coordinator and Executive Assistant to Suzanne Riggle
773.702.7307 Amy Boonstra Managing Director, Programs & Outreach
773.702.2612 Elizabeth Braun Director of External Engagement
773.834.1233 Melissa Calahan Event Coordinator
773.702.7587 Grace Hammond Associate Director for Operations, Programs, and Finance
773.702.2652 Samantha Loo Assistant Director, Health Economics Initiative
773.795.1238 Sam Ori Executive Director
773.702.7613 Apryl Richard Paige Administrative Assistant
773.702.3908 Diana Petrova Executive Assistant to Lars Peter Hansen
773.834.2524 Suzanne Riggle Administrative Director and Chief of Operations


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