To encourage the exchange of new ideas and fresh perspectives, the Institute hosts a robust schedule of conferences, workshops, and lectures featuring leading scholars. Other events expose students to a wide range of economic expertise. Discussions designed for broader public audiences apply this expertise to topical social and policy issues.

Apr 5–6, 2019 Robustness in Economics and Econometrics Conference
University of Chicago, Saieh Hall for Economics, Room 021 | 5757 S. University Ave
Apr 25, 2019 University of Chicago Policy Forum: Building on the Chicago Approach to Economics
Harris Forum, Harris School of Public Policy, 1307 E 60th St, Chicago, IL 60637
Apr 26–27, 2019 Health Economics Initiative Annual Conference
University of Chicago
May 10–11, 2019 Consumer Finance: Micro and Macro Approaches
University of Chicago
May 17–18, 2019 University of Chicago and London School of Economics Conference on the Economics of Crime and Justice
University of Chicago
Jul 7–11, 2019 Price Theory Summer Camp
University of Chicago, Saieh Hall for Economics, 5757 S. University Ave., Chicago IL 60637
Aug 4–8, 2019 Monetary and Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneity
University of Chicago