Celebrating the Milton Friedman Centennial

November 9, 2012

(All day)

Charles M. Harper Center

The institute commemorated the centennial of Milton Friedman's birth and his enduring contributions to economics with heartfelt tributes from his former students, colleagues, and friends.

Two panels of distinguished economists highighted his unique strengths as a scholar and his policy ideas, firmly grounded in scientific analysis, that continue to resonate today. They shared perspectives on how he would view today's policy challenges, and how his insights and advice would help.

Nearly 300 alumni, colleagues, faculty, students and friends of the Institute gathered for the panel discussions. At the celebration dinner, University president Robert J. Zimmer shared thoughts on the unique combination of rigor, fearless innovation, and persistence in the face of rejection that made Friedman's ideas—and the Chicago School of Economics—so durable.

Over dinner, Institute chair Gary Becker shared personal reflections on his mentor: a great teacher, an outstanding person, a major contributor to economics, and an ingenious inventor of approaches to policy.

November 9, 2012 (All day)