Health Economics

Foundational Research on Health Care Markets and Policies

Health Economics Initiative

The Becker Friedman Institute’s Health Economics Initiative aims to develop and support the advancement of fundamental economic research on health and the healthcare sector. The focus of the initiative is to produce and promote innovative health economics research that merges economic theory with empirical analysis to generate and evaluate new testable hypotheses.

The initiative will achieve these goals by cultivating a community of scholars who analyze the economic forces and governing policies that shape health care costs, coverage, provision, and outcomes, as well as the interactions between the healthcare sector and other parts of the economy, such as labor or capital markets.

To further this research, the initiative will offer funding opportunities annually for emerging scholars at the dissertation and postdoctoral stages. Additionally, the Institute will host visiting scholars throughout the year and hold an annual conference to engage a community of scholars across institutions.

The initiative will be overseen by Tomas Philipson, director, in collaboration with Casey Mulligan and David Meltzer.