Research Initiatives

Bringing together UChicago scholars around common themes to support the highest caliber research

To leverage the work of the Chicago Economics community, BFI supports multidisciplinary research initiatives that focus on some of the most significant economic issues of our time. Each initiative is led by one or more faculty directors and draws from scholars across campus to engage in research, academic workshops and conferences, and other opportunities to share knowledge and provide feedback on innovative research that addresses key global challenges. BFI's initiatives include Big Data, Chicago Experiments, Development Economics, Health EconomicsInternational Finance, Macro, and TradeMacro Financial Research Initiative, Price Theory, and the Ronzetti Initiative for the Study of Labor Markets

BFI: Big Data Initiative

Using a rapidly growing wealth of consumer and business data to improve decision-making

BFI: Chicago Experiments Initiative

Studying individuals’ spending, saving, and investment decisions in everyday settings

BFI: Development Economics Initiative

Confronting challenges to economic and political stability in developing countries

BFI: Health Economics Initiative

Foundational Research on Health Care Markets and Policies

Examining trade policy with real-world applications

Probing how financial market activity affects the broader economy

Examining the role of prices, markets, and incentives in a wide range of choices

BFI: Ronzetti Initiative for the Study of Labor Markets

Exploring factors that influence outcomes for the employee, the firm, and the larger economics landscape