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A new paper by Booth’s Austan Goolsbee and Stanford’s Peter Klenow bolsters the idea that the economic data don't fully capture the benefits of the digital economy American Enterprise Institute
Department of Economics’ Lars Peter Hansen, Director of BFI’s Macro Financial Research Initiative, a guest at the 2018 China Meeting of the Econometric Society
New Research Brief: Booth's Marianne Bertrand examines “The Glass Ceiling”
The Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics' Steven Levitt analyzes financial effects of Hurricane Katrina
New Research Brief: the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics’ Nancy Stokey examines “Technology and Skill: Twin Engines of Growth”
Research from Booth’s Chang Tai-Hsieh, Co-Director of the BFI Development Economics Initiative, argues more permissive zoning codes could make U.S. workers richer The Regulatory Review
The Law School’s Eric Posner proposes a strategy of setting a price on all property in order to end inequality and economic stagnation Quartz
Harald Uhlig has been named the inaugural Bruce Allen and Barbara Ritzenhaler Professor in the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics UChicago News
Special podcasts feature UChicago convocation weekend speakers, including Booth’s Marianne Bertrand UChicago News
Research from Department of Medicine’s David Meltzer, a BFI Health Economics Initiative affiliated scholar, says discouraging continuity of care could be a mistake D Healthcare Daily