Tsinghua University Collaborates with University of Chicago to Create an Institute focusing on Economic Problems in China

The Economic Observer recently published an article on BFI-China, a new project focusing on the study of China's economy. The original article can be found here, and an English summary can be found below.

The article focused on BFI Director Michael Greenstone’s view on economic development in China and the collaborations between UChicago and Tsinghua University. During a phone interview with The Economic Observer, Professor Greenstone discussed China’s astonishing economic growth over the past three decades, and the complex challenge of how China can maintain access to the affordable energy needed to power growth, without suffering the effects of dangerously high levels of pollution.

Professor Greenstone also praised the contributions and incredible progress made by China in its “war on pollution,” and described the present research with Chinese colleagues as trying to identify the specific policies which are effective to reduce pollution but are key to continued rapid economic growth. “China has been a tremendous leader in pushing down the cost of solar energy and will continue to play a central role in developing new technologies in the coming years," he said.

As for the reason to cooperate with Tsinghua University, Professor Greenstone expressed that Tsinghua University is the top university in China, while a close relationship with Professor Chong-En Bai (the dean of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University) also helps facilitate the cooperation.

Last but not least, the article highlighted that the BFI-China serves as a platform to support new research that expands society’s understanding of economic challenges and identifies solutions.