Chicago Experiments Research Professionals

John List’s Chicago Experiments Group (CEG) is comprised of senior and junior faculty, post-doctoral and graduate researchers, and pre-doctoral research professionals (RPs), all of whom employ a field experiment approach to study what works and why. John coordinates the collaborative efforts of the CEG by hosting weekly team meetings, which include project updates and presentations by internal and external speakers.

As an RP, you will not only have the opportunity to work with leading scholars but you will also have the opportunity to benefit from:

-Exposure to cutting edge research

-Experiencing at all stages of research

-Building technical skills and inter-professional skills

-Managing research assistants

-Letters of recommendation from faculty members

-Opportunity to take UChicago courses (with subsidized tuition)

The RP position is designed to support pre-doctoral researchers in their preparation for graduate programs at top economics departments. Previous RPs have successfully completed their PhDs at elite programs (UChicago Econ, UChicago Harris, Northwestern, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, and Yale).  Many RPs have also gone on to teach at top research institutions (Brown, Harris, Purdue).

Current Research Professionals

Alexandr Lenk

Alex’s research currently focuses on various topics in the Economics of Education. Alex is interested in the effect of early childhood programs on parental labor outcomes and adults’ non-cognitive skills as possible mediators. Most recently, he has started work on gender and racial diversity in higher education hiring. Previous research projects include the crisis in the social sciences, responsibility aversion or the role of frustration in elections. Alex holds a Master of Science in Economics from Bocconi University.

Claire Mackevicius

Claire's research is focused on education. She is working on projects related to replication and scalability of experimental results, the emergence of risk preferences in adolescents, and how students' behavior today is influenced by beliefs about their future. Recent experiments include investigating how non-cognitive skills develop and how incentives affect effort and motivation. She graduated from the University of Chicago in 2014 with a degree in Economics.

Michael Cuna

Michael's research interests include behavioral finance and behavioral political economy. His current research includes field experiments in social nudges and estimating social preferences at work. Michael holds a Master's of Science in Economics from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (BGSE).