The Future of Chicago Economics

Rigorous economic analysis helps us understand and address the greatest social and policy challenges of the day:  long-term federal debt, economic growth, effective education systems and a skilled labor force, climate change, health care finance, and more. 

This institute is committed to bringing the best minds together to address the biggest economic and policy issues affecting our future.

Key to that aim is our new home for advanced economic inquiry. In June 2014, the institute and the Department of Economics moved into the Saieh Hall for Economics at 5757 South University Avenue. Renovated to accommodate world-class research and education, the hall offers generous spacefor collaboration and cross-disciplinary exchanges, making the institute a true intellectual destination for economists and scholars in related fields.

For the first time, Chicago economics will have a visible presence at the heart of campus, ideally situated to allow interactions with faculty and students in business, law, public policy, mathematics and statistics, and other related fields.

Expanding Impact

Dedicated space allows the institute’s programming to flourish, with even greater impact.  For instance, with additional space for visiting scholars, the institute can host groups of simultaneous visitors with related interests. This allows for direct and focused collaboration that will accelerate research. Visitors are located among faculty and students, and students and the spontaneous conversations that enrich perspectives and inspire new ideas.

Additional classroom and meeting space accommodates conferences that refine and advance emerging research. Expanded activities for young scholars—including visiting students from other universities—will immerse them in advanced economic thinking and prepare them for research careers.

With more space to accommodate research assistants and advanced data analysis, the institute’s multi-year research initiatives will continue to grow and address significant economic issues.

To achieve progress on economic and policy challenges, it’s essential to inject scientific findings into public debates.  The institute will continue to host public events to share new knowledge widely.

Invest in Excellence in Economics

All this activity – and the new home to accommodate it – requires sustained support. There is no limit to what we can accomplish in the future with the help of those who value economic research and the insights it produces. We encourage those who share our belief that economics is a powerful tool to understand the world to invest in our vision for advancing the Chicago economic legacy. Donate online, or contact us for more information about how you can support our work.