Becker Friedman Institute Working Papers Series

Sharing research in progress—and refining it through rigorous discussion and debate—is a hallmark of scholarship at the University of Chicago.

The Becker Friedman Institute (BFI) Working Paper series disseminates current research in economics from the Chicago Economics community to encourage comments and discussion. We welcome submissions from University of Chicago tenured and tenure-track faculty and post-doctoral students in all areas of economic research. BFI-affiliated fellows may also contribute to the series. Papers are posted as part of our series on the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN), on IDEAS/RePEc, and here on this site.

Working paper briefs and highlights can be found here.

Title Authors Published
The Monetary and Fiscal History of Paraguay, 1960-2016 Javier Charotti, Carlos Fernández Valdovinos, Felipe Gonzalez Soley August 2018
The Impact of Temperature on Productivity and Labor Supply: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing E. Somanathan, Rohini Somanathan, Anant Sudarshan, Meenu Tewari August 2018
Long-Term Care Hospitals: A Case Study in Waste Liran Einar, Amy Finkelstein, Neale Mahoney August 2018
The Monetary and Fiscal History of Bolivia, 1960–2015 Timothy J. Kehoe, Carlos Gustavo Machicado, José Peres Cajías August 2018
The Fiscal and Monetary History of Brazil: 1960–2016 Márcio Garcia, João Ayres, Diogo Guillén, Patrick Kehoe August 2018
The Fiscal and Monetary History of Ecuador: 1950–2015 Simón Cueva, Julían P. Díaz August 2018
The Monetary and Fiscal History of Mexico: 1960-2016 Felipe Meza August 2018
Monetary and Fiscal History of Peru 1960-2010: Radical Policy Experiments, Inflation, and Stabilization Cesar Martinelli, Marco Vega August 2018
The Monetary and Fiscal History of Chile: 1960-2016 Rodrigo Caputo, Diego Saravia August 2018
The Monetary and Fiscal History of Colombia: 1960-2017 David Perez-Reyna, Daniel Osorio-Rodríguez August 2018
The Monetary and Fiscal History of Uruguay: 1960-2017 Gabriel Oddone, Joaquín Marandino August 2018
The Monetary and Fiscal History of Venezuela: 1960–2016 Diego Restuccia August 2018
Liquidity vs. Wealth in Household Debt Obligations: Evidence from Housing Policy in the Great Recession Peter Ganong, Pascal Noel August 2018
Shift-Share Designs: Theory and Inference Rodrigo Adão, Michal Kolesár, and Eduardo Morales August 2018
The Effects of Sexism on American Women: The Role of Norms vs. Discrimination Kerwin Kofi Charles, Jonathan Guryan, and Jessica Pan August 2018
Price Rigidity and the Origins of Aggregate Fluctuations Ernesto Pasten, Raphael Schoenle, and Michael Weber August 2018
Inequality Aversion, Populism, and the Backlash Against Globalization Lubos Pastor and Pietro Veronesi August 2018
Valuing the Global Mortality Consequences of Climate Change Accounting for Adaptation Costs and Benefits Tamma Carleton, Michael Delgado, Michael Greenstone, Trevor Houser, Solomon Hsiang, Andrew Hultgren, Amir Jina, Robert Kopp, Kelly McCusker, Ishan Nath, James Rising, Ashwin Rode, Samuel Seo, Justin Simcock, Arvid Viaene, Jiacan Yuan, Alice Zhang August 2018
Spillover Impacts on Education from Employment Guarantees Anjali Adukia August 2018
Identifying the Discount Factor in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models Jaap H. Abbring, Oystein Daljord August 2018