Andrew Chesher

William Stanley Jevons Professor of Economics and Economic Measurement
University College London
4/20/15 4/24/15

Andrew Chesher's research covers a variety of areas of theoretical econometrics and statistics, including currently: identification in nonseparable models, measurement error models, inequality and poverty measurement, second order asymptotic approximations, empirical likelihood and related procedures, exact sampling distributions in discrete and censored data problems and measurement of distributional impacts of policy interventions.

Chesher is the director of the Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice. He joined University College London as Professor of Economics in 1999. Before that he was professor of econometrics at the University of Bristol where he is currently a visiting professor.

He is a research fellow of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Fellow of the British Academy, Fellow of the Econometric Society and coeditor of the Econometric Society Monograph Series.

His applied econometric work currently includes modeling nutritional choice, modeling household formation, modeling child nutrition and post-natal return to work and modeling the impact of unionization on wages. His policy related work currently includes development of models for landslide incidence and associated optimal highway landslide prevention strategies, measurement of the efficiency of fixed line and mobile telephone service providers, measurement of the value and cost of universal service obligations, and estimation of demands for foods in Great Britain.