Anmol Bhandari

Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota
4/10/17 4/14/17

Anmol Bhandari conducts research centered on macroeconomic theory, public finance, and asset pricing.

Recent papers coauthored with Mikhail Golosov and Thomas J. Sargent examine fiscal policy and debt management with incomplete markets; public debt in economies with heterogeneous agents; and optimal fiscal-monetary policy with redistribution. Another paper in progress studies an insurance problem where agents doubt their forecasting models.

He teaches computational economics, financial economics, and advanced game theory at the University of Minnesota. He also is a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

He holds a PhD in economics from New York University and a master’s in economics from the Delhi School of Economics in New Delhi. 

Visitor Activities

Professor Bhandari will present a paper at the Money and Banking Workshop on April 12, 2017.