Christian Traeger

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics
University of California-Berkeley
9/26/16 9/30/16

Christian Traeger’s research interests include environmental economics, intertemporal welfare analysis, and decision theory. Within these fields, Traeger focuses on studying climate change, representation and evaluation of uncertainty, and discounting and cost-benefit analysis.

Traeger joined the faculty at UC Berkeley’s Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics after completing a postdoctoral fellowship in 2008.

In addition to his position at UC Berkeley, Traeger is on the editorial board of the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, and he is currently authoring a book with Larry S. Karp, Dynamic Methods in Environmental and Resource Economics.

Traeger has been honored with the Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award and the Dulger Prize of the University of Heidelberg (Dissertation).

Traeger earned a BA in physics and economics from the University of Heidelberg, then completed his PhD and MA in economics there. He also holds an MA in Physics from State University of New York Stony Brook.

Traeger will be presenting work at the EPIC Lunch Workshop on September 27, 2016.