Eduardo Fernandez-Arias

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Eduardo Fernández-Arias is Principal Economist of the Research Department and Coordinator of the Network of South America Central Banks Financial Stability and Development. Formerly, he was Regional Economic Advisor for the Southern Cone Department and, before joining IDB, researcher in the International Economics Department of the World Bank. 

Dr. Fernández-Arias, an Uruguayan national, received a Ph.D. in Economics, as well as an M.A. in Statistics, from the University of California at Berkeley. His main interests include financial integration and capital flows, financial crises, and productivity and economic development. He has written and published extensively in journals including the Journal of International Economics and Journal of Development Economics. Dr. Fernández-Arias has directed numerous multi-country policy research projects, edited several books, the most recent one the IDB flagship report Development in the Americas (DIA) 2014: Rethinking Productive Development, and is currently Associate Editor of Economía (LACEA).