Elliot Lipnowski

University of Chicago
Research Fellow
7/1/16 6/30/17

Elliot Lipnowski is a microeconomist and game theorist with a particular focus on information economics and organizational economics. In his job market paper, he and coauthor João Ramos evaluate how ongoing delegated decision-making—a principal assessing the risk and rewards of funding a series of projects, relying on agents who want every project to be funded—affects the long-term efficiency and flexibility of the organization as a whole.

In other work, Lipnowski and coauthor Laurent Mathevet investigate optimal information disclosure by well-intentioned experts, for instance between medical professionals and their patients. In another paper currently in progress, he and coauthor Aditya Kuvalekar explore how a worker's perceived job insecurity in an organization can create a self-fulfilling prophecy of declining productivity.

Lipnowski is expected to graduate from New York University's Stern School of Business with his PhD in economics in 2016. He received his BMath from the University of Waterloo in 2010.