Emi Nakamura

Associate Professor of Business and Economics
Columbia University
Visiting Scholar
3/1/11 6/1/11

Emi Nakamura’s research is in the areas of empirical macroeconomics, international economics, and industrial organization.  Her work has focused on documenting the causes and consequences of price rigidity using large datasets on prices, and analyzing how firms adjust their prices to cost and exchange rate fluctuations.  In recent work, she empirically analyzes large disaster events associated with wars, depressions and financial crises using panel data on consumption, and studies the asset pricing implications of these events.

Nakamura serves on the faculty of Columbia University's Business School and Department of Economics. She is a faculty research fellow with the National Bureau of Economic Research and a research affiliate with the Center for Economic Policy Research.  She was formerly a junior resident scholar with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 2007.

She earned her MS and PhD in economics at Harvard University.