Eric Budish

Associate Professor of Economics
University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Eric Budish is an expert in the fields of applied microeconomics and market design. His research revolves around the design of rules that ensure optimal outcomes in different market settings. Matching students with their desired classes acted as just one example of matching problems applied to real-world markets in his dissertation. His most recent work focuses on the optimal market design in financial exchanges, including an examination of how the rise of high-frequency trading has shaped what 21st century marketplaces should look like.


His work has earned him numerous accolades, most recently the 2014 AQR Insight Award for his work on financial market design. He received the 2013 Kaufmann/IHEA Award for Healthcare Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research for his work on patent design in the healthcare industry. 


He currently serves as an associate professor at the Booth School of Business; he has taught there since 2009. He was formerly a Neubauer Family Faculty Fellow and is now a William S. Fisher Faculty Scholar. Prior to arriving in Chicago, Budish graduated Amherst College summa cum laude with degrees in economics and Philosophy. He received his M.Phil. in Economics at Oxford as a Marshall Scholar and went on to earn his PhD in Business Economics from Harvard in 2009.