Gianluca Violante

Professor of Economics
New York University
Visiting Scholar
10/8/12 12/15/12

Gianluca Violante’s research has focused on macroeconomic topics such as labor markets and wage inequality. Specifically, he has focused on wage dispersion, labor market frictions, and the effects of technological change on productivity and wage inequality.

He joined the New York University faculty as an assistant professor of economics in 2002, and became a full professor in 2011. Previously, he taught at University College London. He is a research associate with the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Center for Economic Policy Research, and the managing editor of the Review of Economic Dynamics. His work has appeared in the American Economic Review, the Journal of Political Economy, the Review of Economic Dynamics, and the Journal of Monetary Economics, among other publications. Violante has been invited to speak by the World Congress of the Econometric Society and the European Central Bank, and was awarded the American Economic Review’s Excellence in Refereeing Award in 2009.

He received his PhD and MA in economics from the University of Pennsylvania, and his laurea from the University of Torino.

His visit was supported by a generous gift from Donald R. Wilson Jr., AB’88 that advances fiscal studies.