Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci

Professor of Law and Economics
University of Amsterdam
Visiting Scholar
1/1/12 3/31/12

Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci's recent scholarship focuses on law, economics and history, and examines the evolution of legal institutions from ancient Rome to modern times. His current research projects include the law and economics of Roman law, the economics of slavery, comparative variation of legal rules and the economics of endogenous institutional change.

Dari-Mattiacci has published numerous articles on the law and economics of torts, property, litigation, and lawmaking in various journals including the Journal of Legal Studies, the Journal of Law, Economics and Organization and the Journal of Law and Economics.

He is professor of law, and professor of economics (by courtesy), at the University of Amsterdam, where he is also co-director of the Amsterdam Center for Law and Economics.

Dari-Mattiacci obtained his JD from Sapienza – Università di Roma and his LLM and PhD in law and economics from Utrecht University.