John Armour

Hogan Lovells Professor of Law and Finance
Oxford University
Visiting Scholar
3/30/13 4/13/13

John Armour’s research is focused upon the integration of legal and economic analysis, with an emphasis on the impact that changes in laws governing company law, corporate insolvency, and financial regulation may have on the real economy.

At present, Armour the Hogan Lovells Professor of Law and Finance at Oriel College, Oxford University. He has been involved in policy-related projects commissioned by the Department of Trade and Industry, the Financial Services Authority, the Insolvency Service, and the Jersey Economic Development Department.

Armour has also held visiting positions with the University of Bologna, Columbia Law School, the University of Frankfurt, the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Private Law, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and the University of Western Ontario.

He studied law at the University of Oxford and received his LLM degree from Yale Law School.