John Vickers

Warden of All Souls College
Oxford University
Visiting Scholar
9/26/13 10/9/13

Sir John Vickers’ career as an economist earned him a knighthood in his native United Kingdom, in particular recognition of his public service as head of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), the UK’s primary economic regulator. His research, largely from his initial two decades of teaching at Oxford University, focuses on the economics of competition and regulation. Vickers’ body of scholarly work in these areas was a firm foundation for his extensive official experience.

Prior to his service at the OFT, Vickers was concurrently chief economist at the Bank of England and a member of the Monetary Policy Committee, the body in control of UK interest rates. Most recently, he chaired the Independent Commission on Banking, which was established in the wake of the recent global financial crisis in order to achieve stability and parity among UK banks.

Vickers’ published work reflects a concern with the issues he dealt with in these posts: He has coauthored three books on the economics of privatization and regulatory reform, as well as numerous articles discussing the place of consumer protections in a competitive framework and the dynamics and abuses of market power.

At present, Vickers is the Warden of All Souls College and a professor of economics at Oxford, where he was previously the Drummond Professor of Political Economy from 1991 to 2008. He is also currently a fellow of the British Academy and of the Econometric Society. Former appointments include stints as president of both the Royal Economic Society and the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Vickers received his PhD from Oxford, where he also earned an PhM in economics and a BA in philosophy, politics and economics.