Jonathan Eaton

Professor of Economics
Pennsylvania State University
Visiting Scholar
5/21/12 5/25/12

Jonathan Eaton's research focuses on various issues in international economics, such as firm participation in exporting and the international transmission of macroeconomic shocks. Previous work focused on strategic trade policy, international sanctions and sovereign default.

Eaton is currently Liberal Arts Research Professor of Economics at the Pennsylvania State University. He has been on the faculty at Princeton University, Yale University, the University of Virginia, Boston University, and New York University.

He served as editor of the Journal of International Economics from 2001 until 2009. In 2004, the Econometric Society awarded the Frisch Medal to his paper "Technology, Geography, and Trade," co-authored with Samuel Kortum.

Eaton earned a bachelor's degree, summa cum laude, in economics at Harvard University. He holds a PhD in economics from Yale, earned in 1976.