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Luigi Bocola

Northwestern University and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Luigi Bocola's research interests are macroeconomics, time series econometrics and financial economics. He is currently studying the effects of sovereign default risk on financial intermediation, and he is developing tools for the empirical analysis of nonlinear macroeconomic models. He was selected as a speaker for the 2014 May Meetings of the Review of Economic Studies.

He was awarded the "Albert Ando and Franco Modigliani" scholarship by the Bank of Italy in 2008, the 2012 "Dean Scholar" award by the University of Pennsylvania and the 2012 "Hiram Haney Fellowship" for best third year research paper at the Economics Department of the University of Pennsylvania. In January 2013, he was named an MFM Fellowship Awardee.

Previously, Bocola held a post as research assistant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. He received his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania, and received both his bachelor degree in international studies and a graduate degree in economics at the University of Turin.