Marta Troya Martinez

Postdoctoral Fellow
New Economic School

Marta Troya Martinez is now an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the Economics Department of the University of Oxford. She also holds a Junior Research Fellowship in Jesus College. Marta earned the Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Oxford in July 2012.

Marta works on Applied Microeconomic Theory. One stream of her research seeks to improve our understanding of how limited enforcement affects market outcomes. The other focuses on the effects of asymmetric information in environments that are relevant for competition and consumer policy. The ultimate goal of her research is to be able to provide empirical testable implications as well as useful recommendations for public policy. She has also developed an interest in Experimental Economics.

Marta’s research agenda seeks to deepen our understanding of relational contracts. These are informal contracts that, instead of being court-enforced, are sustained by the value of future relationships. In many instances, a corrupt agreement (which obviously cannot be court-enforced either) is part of an otherwise legally and socially beneficial relationship, such as a business partnership. Marta wants to study how corruption affects the design, implementation and performance of a socially beneficial relational contracts.