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Moritz Lenel

2017-2018 Research Fellow
Princeton University
7/1/17 6/30/18

Moritz Lenel's research interests are in macroeconomics and finance. He will spend a year at the institute as a research fellow, before joining the economics department of Princeton University in the summer of 2018.

His recent work studies how quantities of safe bonds affect interest rates and asset prices, a question that is relevant for understanding the transmission of unconventional monetary policy. In other projects, he analyzes the effects of housing policies on the homeownership rate (with Marco Giacoletti) and the interaction of corporate bank and bond financing.

In 2014, Lenel was awarded the Ric Weiland Graduate Fellowship in Stanford's School of Humanities & Sciencies and a research fellowship from the Becker Friedman Institute's Macro Financial Modeling project. He received the 2016/17 Kohlhagen Fellowship endowed by Steve and Gale Kohlhagen through a grant to the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

In May 2017, he will be a speaker on the Review of Economic Studies Tour.

Lenel is expected to receive a PhD in Economics from Stanford University in 2017. He holds a degree in economics from Universität Konstanz and a master’s degree in international trade, finance, and development from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.