Nicholas Bloom

Professor of Economics
Stanford University
Visiting Scholar
12/4/12 12/7/12

Nicholas Bloom’s research interests focus on the measurement and explanation of management strategies around the world. He recently directed management field experiments in India purported to identify causal links between management and performance.

Bloom is a professor in the Stanford University Department of Economics and professor, by courtesy, at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. He is also a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Center for Economic Performance, and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

Bloom was awarded the Frisch Medal by the Econometrics Society in 2010. He also won the Stanford Graduate Economics Association PhD advising award in 2008 and the John T. Dunlop Scholar Award from the Labor Economics Research Association in 2008. He was awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER Grant for 2009–2014.

Bloom earned his BA from Cambridge in 1994, his MA at Oxford in 1996, and his PhD from University College London in 2010.

His visit was supported by a generous gift from Donald R. Wilson Jr., AB’88 that advances fiscal studies.