Nicole Fortin

Professor of Economics
University of British Columbia
Visiting Scholar
10/1/12 10/31/12

Nicole Fortin is Professor of Economics at The University of British Columbia and a research fellow at both The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and IZA.

Her research includes two main themes:

  1. Wage inequality and its links to labor market institutions and public policies
  2. The economic progress of women, gender equality policies, and gender issues in education.

In the past she has held positions at Princeton University, Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley.

She received her BSc in Mathematics and MSc in Operations Research from the Universitè de Montrèal in 1976 and 1978, respectively. She earned an MSc in Environmental Sciences from the Universitè du Quèbec Trois-Rivière in 1981 and a PhD in economics from the University of British Columbia in 1988.