Pierre-André Chiappori

E. Rowan and Barbara Steinschneider Professor of Economics
Columbia University
Thornber Fellow; Distinguished Research Fellow
10/19/15 10/25/15
10/27/16 10/31/16
4/29/18 5/6/18
6/3/18 6/10/18

Pierre-André Chiappori's research focuses on household behavior, risk, insurance and contract theory, general equilibrium, and mathematical economics.

Chiappori has been a member of the economics faculty at Columbia University since 2004. Before joining the Columbia faculty, he taught at the University of Chicago. Previously, he taught in France at Paris 1, EHESS, École Polytechnique, and ENSAE.

Chiappori has published numerous papers (in both English and French) and has served as organizer or keynote speaker at many economics conferences. He is a fellow of the European Economic Association, the Econometric Society, and the Society of Labor Economists.

A graduate of the École Normale Supérieure, he received a master's degree in mathematics from the Université Paris VII, a master's degree in statistics from the Université Paris VI, and a PhD in economics from the Université Paris I.

Pierre-André Chiappori has been named a Thornber Fellow, a post supported by a generous gift from Hodson and Ludmila Thornber.

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