Saki Bigio

Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics
Columbia Business School
Visiting Scholar
4/15/13 4/26/13

Saki Bigio's current research integrates areas of macroeconomics, corporate finance, and money and banking. Over the past few years, Professor Bigio has developed new theoretical models to study the relationship between banking, financial frictions and financial crises. He is currently interested in understanding how the effects of monetary policy change when banks are in distress. He is also working on models that interrelate the financial sector's conditions to the value of collateral assets. He complements his theoretical studies with empirical work.

Professor Bigio is currently an assistant professor at the division of Economics and Finance at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business. He was a speaker at the Review of Economics Studies Tour in 2012. He holds a PhD in Economics from New York University and a BA from Universidad del Pacifico in Chile.

Bigio was named a 2012-13 CME Group Foundation Visiting Fellow.