Scott Baker

Professor of Law
Washington University in St. Louis
Visiting Scholar
10/1/12 12/13/12

Scott Baker’s research interests deal with law, economics, and game theory, spanning a wide range of topics from judicial performance to issues with patent law.

Baker is currently a Professor of Law and Treiman Fellow at Washington University in St. Louis. Previously, he served as a professor of law and economics at the University of North Carolina, where he was also the associate dean for faculty affairs.

Baker's coauthored pieces have been featured in the Journal of Law and Economics and the Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization. He is the recipient of a Tilburg University grant for studies in the law and economics of innovation. While at Washington University in St. Louis, he received the McCall Award for Law School Teacher of the Year

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Miami University, his law degree from the University of Chicago, and his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2011.

During his visit, Baker presented a paper entitled "Reputation and Litigation: How Formal and Informal Sanctions Interact" at the Law and Economics Workshop on
Tuesday, October 23, 2012.