Thomas Miles

Clifton R. Musser Professor of Law and Economics
University of Chicago
Dean, Law School
Governing Committee

Thomas J. Miles research and writing focuses primarily in the areas of criminal justice and judicial behavior. He has looked extensively at issues of race through a variety of legal perspectives. Frequently, Miles’ work uses the methods of law and economics to investigate social questions not conventionally thought to fall within that field. Miles has been widely published in economics and legal journals, with extensive expertise on such varied topics as judicial diversity, immigration, mail fraud, and wiretapping. He is a widely admired educator and a recipient of the Law School’s Graduating Students Award for Teaching Excellence.

Prior to becoming dean of the University of Chicago Law School, Miles held the position of Clifton R. Musser Professor of Law and Economics and Walter Mander Research Scholar. He has served on the Law School faculty since 2005. He has served in several leadership roles during his time on the faculty, including chairing the appointments committee and the accreditation review committee. From 2005 to 2013, Miles was an editor of the Journal of Legal Studies.

Miles received a BA from Tufts University, a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago, and a JD from Harvard Law School. He was a law clerk to the Hon. Jay S. Bybee of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.