Treb Allen

Assistant Professor of Economics
Northwestern University
11/9/15 11/18/15

Treb Allen teaches courses in international trade and conducts research on economic development, city structure, slavery and fertility decisions, and microfinance, as well as fieldwork in Mexico, India, and the Philippines.

Currently on the faculty of Northwestern University, Allen previously held a position as a fellow in the international economics section of the Princeton University Department of Economics. He serves as a faculty research fellow of the National Bureau of Economic Research and as a faculty associate in equality development and globalization studies at Northwestern University.

Allen has presented his work at a number of conferences and meetings, as well as serving as referee for many publications. In 2012, he received the George Trimis Dissertation Prize and the WTO Essay Award for Young Economists, and, in 2014, he received the Susan Schmidt Bies Award.

Allen has a bachelor’s in political economy from Williams College. He received an MA, MPhil, and a PhD in economics from Yale University. 

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