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Visiting Scholars

Acclaimed scholars from around the world visit the Institute to collaborate and connect with the institute's community of researchers. Rich interactions here cultivate extraordinary research. The Visiting Fellows program invites scholars to conduct lectures on their current work, hold workshops during extended visits, and provide opportunities for collaborations with faculty and students.

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Visiting Scholars

Namesort descending Affiliation
Jaap Abbring Tilburg University
Dilip J. Abreu Princeton University
Alessandro Acquisti Carnegie Mellon University
Amanda Agan Princeton University
Mohammad Akbarpour Stanford University
Ufuk Akcigit University of Chicago
Treb Allen Northwestern University
Costas Arkolakis Yale University
John Armour Oxford University
Andrew Atkeson University of California, Los Angeles
Kenneth Ayotte University of California, Berkeley
Eduardo Azevedo University of Pennsylvania
Scott Baker Washington University in St. Louis
Oren Bar-Gill New York University
Anirban Basu University of Washington
Efraim Benmelech Northwestern University
Anmol Bhandari University of Minnesota
Saki Bigio Columbia Business School
Alberto Bisin New York University
Nicholas Bloom Stanford University
Richard Blundell University College London
Alessandro Bonatti MIT Sloan School of Management
Russell Boyer University of Western Ontario
William A. Brock University of Wisconsin-Madison
Martin Browning Oxford University
Markus Brunnermeier Princeton University
Ryan Bubb New York University
Jeremy Bulow Stanford University
Ariel Burstein University of California, Los Angeles
Oriol Carbonell-Nicolau Rutgers University
Vasco Carvalho CREI and Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Thomas Chaney Toulouse School of Economics
Yeon-Koo Che Columbia University
Hui Chen MIT Sloan School of Management
Andrew Chesher University College London
Pierre-André Chiappori Columbia University
In-Koo Cho University of Illinois
John Cochrane Stanford University
Vincent Crawford Oxford University
Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci University of Amsterdam
Aloisio Pessoa de Araújo Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada
Angus Deaton Princeton University
Stefano DellaVigna University of California, Berkeley
Michael Dickstein Stanford University
John J. Donohue III Stanford Law School
Jonathan Eaton Pennsylvania State University
Mark Egan University of Minnesota
Julio Elias Universidad del CEMA
Graham Elliott University of California, San Diego
Stanley Engerman Rochester University
Robert Engle New York University Stern School of Business
Michal Fabinger University of Tokyo
Yanqin Fan University of Washington
Ernst Fehr University of Zurich
John Ferejohn New York University
Jesús Fernández-Villaverde University of Pennsylvania
Amy Finkelstein Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Christopher Flinn New York University
Nicole Fortin University of British Columbia
Drew Fudenberg Harvard University
Xavier Gabaix New York University
Stefania Garetto Boston University
François Geerolf University of California, Los Angeles
Matthew Gentzkow Stanford University
Francesco Giavazzi Bocconi University
Robert Gibbons Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Benjamin Golub Harvard University
Joshua Gottlieb University of British Columbia
Gautam Gowrisankaran University of Arizona
Avner Greif Stanford University
James Greiner Harvard University
Justin Grimmer Stanford University
Martin Hackmann University of California Los Angeles
Benjamin Handel University of California, Berkeley
John Hatfield University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business
Nathaniel Hendren Harvard University
James R. Hines University of Michigan
Daniel E. Ho Stanford University
Richard Hornbeck University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Johannes Hörner Yale University
Solomon Hsiang Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley
Oleg Itskhoki Princeton University
Jakub Kastl Princeton University
Michael Keane University of Oxford
John Kennan University of Wisconsin - Madison
Mervyn King Bank of England
Philipp Kircher London School of Economics, University of Edinburgh
Pete Klenow Stanford University
Henrik Kleven London School of Economics
Patrick Kline University of California, Berkeley
Narayana Kocherlakota University of Rochester
Ralph Koijen New York University
Botond Koszegi University of California, Berkeley
Peter Koudijs Stanford University
Arvind Krishnamurthy Stanford University Graduate School of Business
Dirk Krueger University of Pennsylvania
Felix Kübler University of Zurich
Pablo Kurlat Stanford University
David Lagakos University of California, San Diego
Eric Leeper Indiana University
Tom Lemieux University of British Columbia
Jonathan Levin Stanford University
Arthur Lewbel Boston College
Tong Li Vanderbilt University
Barton Lipman Boston University
Francesco Lippi Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance
Yair Listokin Yale Law School
Alessandro Lizzeri New York University
Guido Lorenzoni Northwestern University
Erik Madsen New York University
Ulrike Malmendier University of California, Berkeley
Albert Marcet Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
Massimo Marinacci Bocconi University
Ian Martin Stanford Graduate School of Business
Rosa Matzkin University of California, Los Angeles
Robert McCann University of Toronto
Costas Meghir Yale University
Paul Milgrom Stanford University
Benjamin Moll Princeton University
Eduardo Morales Princeton University
Stephen Morris Princeton University
Melanie Morten Stanford University
Petra Moser New York University
Ulrich Müller Princeton University
Emi Nakamura Columbia University
Nick Netzer University of Zurich
Whitney Newey Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Juan Pablo Nicolini Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Universidad di Tella
Antonio Nicolò University of Padua
Ezra Oberfield Princeton University
Maurice Obstfeld International Monetary Fund
Guillermo Ordonez University of Pennsylvania
Ali Ozdagli Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Harry Paarsch University of Melbourne
Dimitris Papanikolaou Northwestern University
Parag Pathak Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lasse Pedersen New York University
Isabelle Perrigne Rice University
José Luis Peydró Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Carolin Pflueger University of British Columbia
Monika Piazzesi Stanford University
Luigi Pistaferri Stanford University
Mikkel Plagborg-Moller Harvard University
Giorgio Primiceri Northwestern University
Steven Puller Texas A&M University
Eric Renault Brown University
Hélène Rey London Business School
Albrecht Ritschl London School of Economics
James Roberts Duke University
Jean-Marc Robin Sciences Po, Paris and University College London
Arthur Robson Simon Fraser University
Jean-Charles Rochet University of Zurich
David Romer University of California, Berkeley
Christina Romer University of California, Berkeley
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg Princeton University
Bernard Salanié Columbia University
Larry Samuelson Yale University
Yuliy Sannikov Princeton University
Tano Santos Columbia University Graduate School of Business
Andres Santos University of California, San Diego
Thomas J. Sargent New York University
José A. Scheinkman Columbia University
Karl Schlag University of Vienna
Karl Schmedders University of Zurich
Martin Schneider Stanford University
Maya Sen Harvard University
Matthew Shapiro University of Michigan
Andrew Shephard University of Pennsylvania
Hyun Song Shin Princeton University
Aloysius Siow University of Toronto
Jonathan S. Skinner Dartmouth College
Christopher M. Snyder Dartmouth College
Konstantin Sonin Higher School of Economics (Moscow)
Holger Spamann Harvard University
Stefanie Stantcheva Harvard Society of Fellows
Jón Steinsson Columbia University
Matthew Stephenson Harvard Law School
Phillip Strack University of California, Berkeley
Tomasz Strzalecki Harvard University
Christopher Taber University of Wisconsin-Madison
Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi Columbia Business School, Columbia University
Corina Tarnita Princeton University
George Tavlas Bank of Greece
Michèle Tertilt University of Mannheim
Petra Todd University of Pennsylvania
Robert M. Townsend Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Christian Traeger University of California-Berkeley
John Vickers Oxford University
Gianluca Violante New York University
Jonathan Vogel Columbia University
Quang Vuong New York University
Edward Vytlacil Yale University
Christopher Walters University of California, Berkeley
Mark W. Watson Princeton University
Michael Waugh New York University
Pierre-Olivier Weill University of California, Los Angeles
Iván Werning Massachusetts Institute of Technology
E. Glen Weyl Microsoft Research New England
Andrea Wilson University of Wisconsin-Madison
Frank Wolak Stanford University
Muhamet Yildiz Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alwyn Young London School of Economics
Tao Zha Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta