TCDThe Tata Centre for Development (TCD) at UChicago harnesses the rigor of the Chicago Economics community to help address some of India’s most pressing policy and development issues. Launched in 2016 with generous support from the Tata Trusts, TCD combines rigorous research with strategic outreach and partnership to translate evidence into impact.

TCD has offices in Delhi and Chicago. As an affiliated center of the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at UChicago, TCD continues the University of Chicago tradition of applying economic thinking to a wide range of social challenges to create better outcomes and improve lives. The TCD translates research insights into policy action through on-the-ground outreach and partnership with key decision-makers. By engaging policymakers at all levels of government and launching pilot projects to demonstrate success, TCD is creating a new model for impact in India.

Our Approach

TCD targets research projects that will contribute new, evidence-based solutions to difficult policy and development problems in India and whose insights can affect change in the real world. Whenever possible, TCD projects are designed and implemented in collaboration with government partners so that research findings generate impact in real time.

In the tradition of University of Chicago Economics, much of TCD’s research extends into areas often considered outside of economics. Therefore, while TCD’s diverse and robust research portfolio is rooted in development economics, it cuts across multiple disciplines, from health and education, to energy, environment, and fiscal reform. In all of these areas, TCD combines ground breaking research with strategic outreach and communications aimed at engaging decision-makers at all levels.

Associated News

BFI News Apr 23, 2018

Video Feature: A Conversation with Arvind Subramanian, Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India

The IMF’s World Economic Outlook estimates that the Indian economy will grow by 7.8 percent in 2019, making it the world’s fastest-growing economy in both 2018 and 2019. With...
BFI News Feb 1, 2018

The Tata Centre for Development Announces 14 New Research Projects, New Affiliation with Becker Friedman Institute

The projects, led by nearly two dozen UChicago faculty and researchers across six schools and divisions, will add to TCD’s robust research agenda. View full announcement here.