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The Development Lunch Seminars are operated with support from the Becker Friedman Institute and The Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts and is a collaboration between University of Chicago Department of Economics, Booth School of Business, Harris Public Policy and the Law School.

This lunch meets on Fridays from 12:30-2:00 pm in Charles M. Harper Center (Booth), Room C03. Lunch is available at 12:15 pm. The location of the lunch rotates each quarter between collaborating departments.

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Friday, October 5 – Kaivan Munshi, Cambridge University
Wealth, Marriage, and Sex Selection

Friday, October 12 – Rema Hanna, Harvard
Cumulative Impacts of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: Experimental Evidence from Indonesia

Friday, October 19 – Chiara Fratto, University of Chicago
The Reallocative Effects of Mobility Restrictions on Workers and Firms. An Application to the West Bank

Friday, October 26 – Paul Niehaus, University of California San Diego
Authentication and Targeted Transfers

Friday, November 2 – Rachel Meager, London School of Economics
Aggregating Distributional Treatment Effects: A Bayesian Hierarchical Analysis of the Microcredit Literature

Friday, November 9 – Hee Kwon Seo, University of Chicago
Educational Technology and Students’ Valuation of Achievement: Experimental Evidence from Rural Tanzania

Friday, November 16 – Jaya Wen, Yale University
The Social and Political Roots of Inefficiency: State Ownership in China

Friday, November 30

Friday, December 7 – Melissa Dell, Harvard
The Development Effects of the Extractive Colonial Economy: The Dutch Cultivation System In Java