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The Becker Friedman Institute, Princeton University, and Innovations for Poverty Action host the next webinar in a series presenting innovative research on crime and violence in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Violence and delinquency levels in Central America are among the highest in the world and violent deaths in the region are more common during adolescence. Evidence suggests that adolescents with early exposure to violence tend to be involved in crimes later in life. Also, in the context of poverty, stress and instability may lead to short-sighted decision making among the young. How can we tackle young people’s exposure to and participation in crime?

In this webinar, Lelys Dinarte Diaz (World Bank) will present her research on the learning and protection channels of an after-school program with psychology-based curricula oriented to reduce school-based violence of teenagers in public schools in the most violent neighborhoods of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Cristian Crespo (Ministry of the Interior and Public Security of Chile) will comment on the implications of this research. A 10-minute Q&A will follow this presentation.


Tuesday, January 25, 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Non-Cognitive Skills Development and School-Based Violence Reduction in Central America
Lelys Dinarte Diaz (Speaker), Economist in the Human Development Team of the World Bank’s Development Research Group
Cristian Crespo (Policy Discussant), Head of the Public Policy Evaluation Department at the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security of Chile
Ana María Rojas (Moderator), Policy Manager at IPA Colombia