Advances with Field Experiments

October 28–29, 2011

(All day)

University of Chicago
Iwan Barankay, University of Pennsylvania
John List, University of Chicago

In one of its largest conferences to date, the Becker Friedman Institute gathered nearly 30 researchers who presented wide-ranging research highlighting the best and most innovative new work using field experiments to address economic questions.

The conference expanded on an initial event held at the Wharton School in 2010. With the Institute's support, conference organizers Iwan Barankay and John List chose to invite as many researchers as possible, to foster a network of people working in this area.

Over two days, scholars presented innovative experimental research on topics ranging from altruism to entrepreneurship in Pakistan, and from savings rates to gender differences in competitiveness. Barankay told attendees that they essentially chose to randomize the presentations, to maximize mingling and cross-fertilizaton.

Opening the conference, Institute Research Director Lars Peter Hansen said that approach dovetailed with the Institute's mission. “This is a great example of what the institute is here for. As economics becomes more specialized, we think of ourselves as a place that counters that trend. This is a diverse program that applies the basic tools of economics and experimentation across a lot of fields and topics.”

Another important aim of this workshop was to provide young researchers, including PhD students near completion of their program, with the opportunity to meet and discuss their work with more senior economists.


October 28: International House
October 29: Charles M. Harper Center


October 28, 2011 (All day) October 29, 2011 (All day)