Chicago Ideas Shaping 21st-Century Economics

January 11, 2012

(All day)

Harold Pratt House, New York

Two panels of some of the world’s most distinguished economists took on some of the biggest policy challenges of our time at this special event that introduced the Becker Friedman Institute in New York City.

University President Robert J. Zimmer told the audience of more than 220 alumni and business leaders that the institute is devoted to expanding what has long been known as the Chicago School of Economics.

Chicago economic ideas “changed the way governments viewed their structure,” Zimmer said. “I always recall a comment George Will made after the fall of the Soviet Union and the spread of free-market systems around the world: ‘The Cold War is over, and the University of Chicago has won.’”

Zimmer highlighted several distinctive features of Chicago economics—reliance on empirical evidence, a focus on free markets and incentives, and wide-ranging application of economic analysis—that were brilliantly displayed in the panel discussions that followed.

January 11, 2012 (All day)