New Investigations of Intra- and International Trade

May 19–20, 2017

(All day)

Saieh Hall Room 021
Rodrigo Adão, University of Chicago
Thomas Chaney, Toulouse School of Economics
Jonathan Dingel, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Felix Tintelnot, University of Chicago

In recent years, trade economists have ventured into new territory, applying trade theory to study questions outside the traditional boundaries of international trade. This expansion of the applications of trade theory has been made possible only through the original use of unconventional data.

This conference brought together new frontier research in international trade that makes use of such unconventional data. Leading trade economists discussed methods for collecting and using these new data, and how to overcome empirical and theoretical challenges associated with their use. 

2017 New Investigations of Intra and International Trade

May 19, 2017 (All day) May 20, 2017 (All day)