Open Source Macroeconomics Lab Boot Camp

Topic Schedule 2017

June 19–August 4, 2017

(All day)

Saieh Hall, Room 247

Open Source Macroeconomics Lab Boot Camp

The Becker Friedman Institute was pleased to host its inaugural  Open Source Macroeconomics Laboratory (OSM Lab), which ran an intensive and immersive seven-week computational macroeconomics boot camp from June 19 to August 4, 2017. Twenty-three students participated. The goals were to

  • train advanced undergraduates and graduate students with the computational skills to participate in cutting-edge economic research and public policy analysis; 
  • inspire the brightest young researchers to pursue policy-relevant work throughout their careers;
  • spread the ideals of transparency and replicability throughout the economics profession from the ground up, and
  • accelerate scientific progress in economics and policy analysis more broadly.

Topic Schedule 

Week 1: June 19–23

Mathematics: Introduction; Inner product spaces
Economics: Overlapping generations
Computation Labs: Python standard library; functions; read-in; reshape; Describe data

Week 2: June 26–30

Mathematics: Inner product spaces; Probability theory
Economics: Dynamic programming
Computation Labs: Data visualization; Scipy; stats; root finders; minimizers

Week 3: July 5–7

Mathematics: Spectral theory
Economics: Firm dynamics
Computation Labs: Complexity; sparse matrices; SVD

Week 4: July 10–14

Mathematics: Convex analysis
Economics: Firm dynamics; Macro Financial Modeling
Computation Labs: LU; QR decompositions; Eigenvalue; numerical derivatives; integration

Week 5: July 17–21

Mathematics: Unconstrained optimization; Linear optimization
Economics: Macro financial modeling; DSGE modeling; DSGE linear approximation solutions
Computation Labs: Large data methods; Distributed I/O; Machine learning

Week 6: July 24–28

Mathematics: Linear optimization; Nonlinear optimization
Economics: Perturbation methods, high order; filtering and cyclicality; structural estimation: MLE
Computation Labs: Machine learning; HPC/parallel computing

Week 7: July 31–August 4

Mathematics: Nonlinear optimization
Economics: Structural estimation: GMM; structural estimation: SMM
Computation Labs: HPC/[arallel computing

June 19, 2017 (All day) August 4, 2017 (All day)