Health Economics

Foundational Research on Health Care Markets and Policies

Working Papers

The papers found here include research that is being developed with the support of the Health Economics Initiative and associated scholars. The papers referenced here do not constitute a comprehensive list of the existing literature. Feel free to submit feedback on these papers by emailing

April 2017 Sharing R&D Risk in Healthcare via FDA Hedges Adam Jørring, Andrew W. Lo, Tomas Philipson, Manita Singh, Richard Thakor
December 2016 How Does Technological Change Affect Quality-Adjusted Prices in Health Care? Systematic Evidence from Thousands of Innovations Kristopher Hult, Sonia Jaffe, Tomas Philipson
October 2016 Is the focus on food deserts fruitless? Retail access and food purchases across the socioeconomic spectrum Molly Schnell, Jessie Handbury, Ilya Rahkovsky
September 2016 Analyzing the Effects of Insuring Health Risks Harold L. Cole, Soojin Kim, and Dirk Krueger
August 2016 The Upside-down Economics of Regulated and Otherwise Rigid Prices Casey Mulligan, Kevin Tsui
May 2016 Health Care Adherence and Personalized Medicine Mark Egan, Tomas Philipson
April 2016 The Unaccounted Insurance Value of Medical Innovation Anushree Subramaniam
February 2016 Labor Markets in Statistics: The Subject Supply Effect in Medical R&D Anup Malani, Tomas Philipson
January 2016 The Price Ain’t Right? Hospital Prices and Health Spending on the Privately Insured Zack Cooper, Stuart Craig, Martin Gaynor, and John Van Reenen
July 2015 Adjusting Measures of Economic Output for Health: Is the Business Cycle Countercyclical? Mark Egan, Casey Mulligan, Tomas Philipson