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Government agencies and modern businesses, from banks and online retailers to social media platforms and search engines, are amassing an unprecedented wealth of data in terms of both size and level of detail. This rapidly growing wealth of “big data” provides new opportunities to improve the quality of economic analysis. This initiative explores the ability of big data to fulfill this promise, with the help of newly developed econometric tools.

Associated Scholars

Associated Working Papers

BFI Working Paper Mar 19, 2020

Inference for Ranks with Applications to Mobility across Neighborhoods and Academic Achievement across Countries

Magne Mogstad, Joseph P. Romano, Azeem Shaikh, Daniel Wilhelm
BFI Working Paper Dec 22, 2019

Randomization Tests in Observational Studies with Staggered Adoption of Treatment

Azeem Shaikh, Panos Toulis
BFI Working Paper Oct 18, 2019

Multiscale Analysis of Bayesian CART

Ismael Castillo, Veronika Rockova

Associated News

Media Mention Oct 24, 2019

The Tipping System Is Immoral

New York Times; John List
BFI News Feb 20, 2018

Spotlight on BFI’s New Research Initiative to Study Big Data

The Becker Friedman Institute (BFI) launched four new research initiatives earlier this year to support collaborative research and learning around several key issues, including: the study of Big Data;...