Law and Economics

Applying economic analysis to broad-ranging areas of law

In collaboration with the University of Chicago Law School and its Coase-Sandor Institute for Law and Economics, this initiative promotes and advances work that applies economic analysis to broad-ranging areas of law.

The institute hosts conferences that examine important legal and policy issues through an economic lens. Recent examples include conferences on creditors and corporate governance and on constitutional design and the scope of authority.

Each year the institute hosts several visitors specializing in scholarship at the intersection of law and economics.

The field of law and economics was established here at the University of Chicago in the 1930s and grew over the years with seminal contributions from Nobel Prize winners Ronald Coase, Gary Becker and George Stigler, as well as Judge Richard Posner, William Landes, Douglas Baird and Saul Levmore. The Law School is building on that work with efforts to expand the scholarship and influence of law and economics in the United States and broaden its impact throughout the world.

The institute is supporting that effort, with collaborations that bring together faculty from economics, business, law, computational sciences and other social sciences. They explore areas as diverse as the economics of criminal law, economic analysis of the constitutions of emerging markets, climate change, and anonymity on the internet.

This initiative is supported with generous funding through the Andrew and Betsy Rosenfield Program in Economics, Public Policy, and Law.