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The primary goal of BFI’s Macroeconomics Research Initiative is to support research in the area of macroeconomics within the Chicago economics community, with an emphasis on junior faculty. Macroeconomics is a broad field including, but not limited to, monetary and fiscal policy, income distribution, labor markets and employment, inequality, and long-run growth. We particularly support and encourage research that studies the implications of microeconomic heterogeneity for the macroeconomy, from the point of view of both firms and households, and research that incorporates insights from other subfields and disciplines to better improve our understanding of the aggregate economy.

Associated Scholars

Associated Working Papers

BFI Working Paper Apr 6, 2020

Macroeconomic Implications of COVID-19: Can Negative Supply Shocks Cause Demand Shortages?

Veronica Guerrieri, Guido Lorenzoni, Ludwig Straub, Iván Werning
Topics:  COVID-19, Fiscal Studies
BFI Working Paper Feb 19, 2020

Markups, Labor Market Inequality and the Nature of Work

Greg Kaplan, Piotr Zoch
Topics:  Employment & Wages
BFI Working Paper Feb 4, 2020

A Cross-Cohort Analysis of Human Capital Specialization and the College Gender Wage Gap

Carolyn Sloane, Erik Hurst, Dan Black
Topics:  Employment & Wages, Higher Education & Workforce Training

Associated News

Media Mention Feb 20, 2020

Trump Administration Sees No Threat to Economy From Monopolies

New York Times; Greg Kaplan
Topics:  Industrial Organization, Employment & Wages
Media Mention Feb 11, 2020

College Major Related to Gender Wage Gap

Inside Higher Ed; Dan Black, Erik Hurst
Topics:  Employment & Wages
Media Mention Oct 31, 2019

Does Where You Live Really Matter?

UChicago News; Veronica Guerrieri, Erik Hurst
Topics:  Economic Mobility & Poverty