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Discussion Section with Kevin Murphy, Featuring Anup Malani

Kevin Murphy talks with Anup Malani, the Lee and Brena Freeman Professor at the University of Chicago Law School and a Professor at the Pritzker School of Medicine, about his recent work on risk and health, drugs and patent protection, Obamacare and more.

The Economics of Innovation, Part 1 – Drugs and Patent Protection

Malani discusses how insurance can influence innovation by holding down costs for consumers while still providing the returns that generate important research from drug companies.

The Economics of Innovation, Part 2 – Recent Work on Risk and Health

According to Malani, when determining the value of medical technologies, including drugs, it is also important to consider the value of technology for healthy individuals who also stand to benefit.

Economic Analysis of Healthcare, Part 1 – ACA / Obamacare

Murphy and Malani broadly describe and discuss the primary impact of the ACA on health care provision, as well as legislative attempts to roll back growth in Medicaid expenditures.

Economic Analysis of Healthcare, Part 2 – Challenges with Community Rating

In this episode, Murphy and Malani discuss the adverse selection that occurs when all people are required to get insurance and pay the same rates, regardless of their health status.

Economic Analysis of Healthcare, Part 3 – Differentiation Based on Qualities Other Than Age

Malani discusses the possibility of creating long-term health contracts to help smooth out costs over the long term, and the legal complexities that would develop if such contracts were put into place.

Economic Analysis of Healthcare, Part 4: What’s a Sensible Approach?

Malani concludes this discussion on the economics of health care by offering an approach to health care provision that includes risk rating for individuals, long-term contracts with incentives, and premium insurance for the sick and poor.