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MFM Scholar Spotlight: Aaron Pancost and Moritz Lenel

The Macro Financial Modeling (MFM) Project held its third MFM Summer Session for Young Scholars at the Cape Cod, MA on June 17-21, 2018. Aaron Pancost and Moritz Lenel, two of the earliest MFM dissertation fellowship awardees who have remained involved with the project since its early stages, sat together at the 2018 MFM Summer Session and shared their experiences with the dissertation process, the value of their MFM dissertation fellowship awards and their perspectives on the project’s community and goals. This three-day intensive program is designed for early-career professionals and doctoral students in economics and related fields who are interested in developing enhanced macroeconomic models with linkages to the financial sector. The program provides an opportunity to learn about, discuss, and advance work on macro models with financial sector linkages and related topics.