Insights / Research BriefApr 24, 2024

The Adoption of ChatGPT

Anders Humlum, Emilie Vestergaard
Half of workers have used ChatGPT, with younger, less experienced, higher-achieving, and especially male workers leading the curve. Workers see substantial productivity potential in using ChatGPT, and informing workers about expert assessments of ChatGPT shifts their beliefs but has limited impacts on their adoption of ChatGPT.

Recent research from UChicago economists has revealed that the AI chatbot ChatGPT can excel at investing tasks including predicting corporate investment policies, processing dense corporate disclosures, and detecting corporate risk. Beyond investing, experts predict that ChatGPT will disrupt many high-skilled occupations, including journalism, IT support, human resources, and marketing. In this paper, the authors study the adoption of ChatGPT, providing descriptive and experimental evidence on who has already adopted ChatGPT, how workers anticipate it will affect their jobs, and why some workers use ChatGPT and others do not.

In collaboration with Statistics Denmark, the authors survey 100,000 workers from 11 occupations that are exposed to ChatGPT between November 2023 and January 2024. Their survey includes an experiment component in which they test whether informing workers about expert assessments of ChatGPT in their job tasks impacts their adoption of the tool. The authors link their survey responses to administrative data on participants’ labor market histories, earnings, wealth, education, and demographics.

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