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Insights / Research BriefMay 26, 2023

Gang Rule: Understanding and Countering Criminal Governance

Christopher Blattman, Gustavo Duncan, Benjamin Lessing, Santiago Tobón
In Medellín, Colombia, gangs provide residents of low- and middle-income neighborhoods with key governing services to reduce the need for state presence, thereby protecting their drug profits. Increased state presence leads to increased gang presence, suggesting new strategies for countering criminal governance.
Topics:  Development Economics
Insights / Video

Day 3 – Opening High Level Plenary (AIM for Climate Summit)

Michael Kremer
Watch Remarks from Micheal Kremer
Insights / Research BriefMay 22, 2023

Interactive Research Brief: The Evolution of Platform Gig Work, 2012-2021

Andrew Garin, Emilie Jackson, Dmitri Koustas, Alicia Miller
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Insights / Research BriefMay 22, 2023

Judging Nudging: Understanding the Welfare Effects of Nudges Versus Taxes

John A. List, Matthias Rodemeier, Sutanuka Roy, Gregory K. Sun
A combination of nudges and taxes always outperforms each policy in isolation; however, there is large variation in how much these combinations add to social welfare, reinforcing the importance of empirically quantifying welfare effects.
Topics:  Fiscal Studies
Insights / Research BriefMay 19, 2023

Debt Moratoria: Evidence from Student Loan Forbearance

Ching-Tse Chen, Michael Dinerstein, Constantine Yannelis
Relative to borrowers who had to continue paying their loans, borrowers allowed to pause their payments sharply increased mortgage, auto, and credit card borrowing, with little effect on loan delinquencies.
Topics:  Fiscal Studies
Insights / Podcast episodeMay 16, 2023

Can ChatGPT Describe Company Performance Better than… the Company?

Tess Vigeland, Maximilian Muhn, Alex Kim
The number of ways we can use AI is exploding, and it’s expected to change...
Insights / Research BriefMay 12, 2023

Protected: Interactive Research Brief: Measuring the Characteristics and Employment Dynamics of U.S. Inventors

Ufuk Akcigit, Nathan Goldschlag
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
Topics:  Employment & Wages
Insights / Research BriefMay 11, 2023

Toward an Understanding of Tax Amnesties: Theory and Evidence From a Natural Field Experiment

Patricia Gil, Justin E. Holz, John A. List, Andrew Simon, Alejandro Zentner
Receiving a message about a tax amnesty program (especially deterrence messages) increases the likelihood of joining the amnesty and repaying some debt; importantly, such amnesties do not cause a reduction in tax payments over the following two years, contrary to existing theoretical predictions.
Topics:  Fiscal Studies