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Insights / Podcast episodeJun 16, 2021

Vaccine Lotteries: Worth a Shot?

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Steve Levitt, Jeff Severts
More than a dozen states have announced large lotteries to incentivize vaccinations. On this episode,...
Topics:  COVID-19
Insights / Podcast episodeJun 03, 2021

Pay Now or Pay Later

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Austan Goolsbee, Eric Zwick
With the rise in federal spending over the last several years, there are questions on...
Topics:  Fiscal Studies
Insights / Research BriefMay 25, 2021

Lifetime Earnings in the United States over Six Decades

Fatih Guvenen, Greg Kaplan, Jae Song, Justin Weidner
The stagnation of average earnings and rising income inequality in the United States since the 1970s has not only motivated economic research but has also informed discussions about political shifts among various demographics, as well as inspired policy debates about how to address this long-run phenomenon. This is especially true when it comes to the fate of male workers.
Topics:  Employment & Wages
Interactive Infographic

Examining Lifetime Earnings in the US Over Six Decades

The United States has seen stagnation of average earnings and income inequality rise since the 1970s. The charts below help shed light on this issue using data from US Social Security Administration (SSA) records over 57 years.
Insights / Research BriefMay 21, 2021

A Glimpse of Freedom: Allied Occupation and Political Resistance in East Germany

Luis Martínez, Jonas Jessen, Guo Xu
Why do people in countries with less freedom decide to rebel? On the other side of the coin, why do some people seem to willingly live under repressive regimes for years, even generations? Further, what is the impact of even minimal contact with a more open style of government on regions that eventually succumb to authoritarian rule? These are not idle academic questions but are rather dynamic inquiries into nation-building that are playing out today.
Insights / Podcast episodeMay 19, 2021

College Sports: Show Me The Money

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Matthew J. Notowidigdo, Michael McCann
Division I schools make billions off athletic programs, with close to two-thirds coming from men’s...
Topics:  Employment & Wages, Higher Education & Workforce Training
Insights / Podcast episodeMay 06, 2021

Discrimination is Expensive

Eduardo Porter, Tess Vigeland, Chang-Tai Hsieh, Erik Hurst
Preventing people from entering careers where they could maximize their potential places massive costs on...
Topics:  Employment & Wages
Insights / Research BriefMay 04, 2021

Tax Planning Knowledge Diffusion via the Labor Market

US corporations go to great lengths to avoid paying taxes, and some of those avoidance schemes—like moving profits to offshore tax havens—regularly make headlines. However, there are many more subtle techniques to reduce a corporation’s tax bill, and those methods are often practiced by tax accountants with firm- or industry-specific skills. Employing these tax experts can have beneficial effects and provide competitive advantages for firms.
Topics:  Employment & Wages, Tax & Budget