Research Briefs·Jul 18, 2024

Bankruptcy Resolution and Credit Cycles

Martin Kornejew, Chen Lian, Yueran Ma, Pablo Ottonello and Diego J. Perez
In countries with poorly functioning business bankruptcy institutions, business credit booms are followed by severe declines in output, investment, and...
Research Briefs·Jul 18, 2024

Historical Differences in Female-Owned Manufacturing Establishments: The United States, 1850-1880

Ruveyda Gozen, Richard Hornbeck, Anders Humlum and Martin Rotemberg
During the late 1800s, manufacturing establishments owned by females were smaller than those owned by males and had lower capital-to-output...
Topics: Employment & Wages
Research Briefs·Jul 11, 2024

Banking on Trust: Supervisory Transparency and Depositors’ Actions

Abhiman Das, Tanmoy Majilla and Rimmy E. Tomy
Following news of regulatory penalties on some banks, depositors withdraw money from both offending and proximate nonoffending branches, with more...
Podcast Jul 9, 2024

The Uncertainties of Climate Change

How can we incentivize the private and public sectors to develop and deploy solutions to climate change, while accounting for...
Topics: Energy & Environment
Podcast Jul 3, 2024

Using Cellphone Data to Observe Religious Worship in the United States

Tess Vigeland and Devin Pope
Using Cellphone Data to Observe Religious Worship in the United States What do location data from roughly 2.1 million cellphones...
Topics: Technology & Innovation
Research Briefs·Jun 20, 2024

Location Sorting and Endogenous Amenities: Evidence from Amsterdam

Milena Almagro and Tomás Domínguez-Iino
Different demographic groups tend to prefer different types of amenities, and businesses respond by expanding amenities in neighborhoods with greater...
Research Briefs·Jun 20, 2024

Access to Credit Reduces the Value of Insurance

Sonia Jaffe, Anup Malani and Julian Reif
Insurance is less valuable when people can also smooth their spending using loans. Access to a five-year loan decreases the...
Research Briefs·Jun 20, 2024

Early Predictors of Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice Involvement

Andrew Jordan, Ezra Karger and Derek Neal
Detailed measures of early academic achievement and socioeconomic status are powerful predictors of future criminal justice involvement; however, while reforms...
Interactive Research Briefs·Jun 20, 2024

The Adoption of ChatGPT

Anders Humlum and Emilie Vestergaard
Half of workers have used ChatGPT, with younger, less experienced, higher-achieving, and especially male workers leading the curve. Workers see...